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Formax CopyMaster Community

Formax CopyMaster community allows you to copy "a master or a trading" for free to achieve the same investment returns with the experts. In brief, it is you “copy” trade of others and they help you make money so that you get the same profit. And the "copy" function is completely free.

Introduction of the "Copy " Function

In CopyMaster trading community, copy means cloning! Cloning enables ordinary investors to have the same investment ability as the masters. After copy a trading successfully, if the master buys a position, your account will automatically follow to buy; if the master decides to sell, your account will automatically follow to sell at the mean time. You will get the same profit as the master did. Using the copy function can help the ordinary users to do investment.

•Risk Control
If your copy trading from a master does not bring profit to you, you can end this relationship immediately and choose another master to copy. When you earn a lot and trust the master, you can simply increase fund on the copy to make more money. No matter what the market risk is, grasp the master's performance is to control the risk.

•Diversify Investment
Eggs should never be placed in one basket. You can copy a number of masters at the same time, so that we can avoid the risk of a single person when his/her performance is not stable. As long as your money is sufficient enough, the copy number of masters is no limited.

•Buy/Sell Automatically
When you copy a trading, it is completely automatic to buy/sell the position. As long as you selected a master to, you can leave your account and the trading for ten days or even more without checking. You account will automatically carry on the trading of the master you copied.

After clicking the copy function, the master's investment style and operation will be immediately displayed in your account. It's like a real teacher, instructing the copiers at real-time. When you don't understand or have any doubts about the investment, you can use the private message to communicate with them.

•No Need for Professional Knowledge
Formax trade copy function doesn’t require users to have any professional investment knowledge such as technical analysis. Users only need to select the masters from the ranking list. The normal users can enjoy the master's professional ability and don't have to learn by themselves.

•Free Charge
The copy function is free and simple to connect/disconnect the copy relationships.

The Ranking List

The best place to select the masters.
The ranking list contains all the real trading records of the best masters around the country. You can select your own master by checking through a variety of indicators (such as gain rate, win rate, the number of copiers, etc.).

Obviously, this ranking list just to help you find the people has the true ability to make money. Find such people and copy them to make profits.

•Real Account Data
The ranking list data are all come from Formax users’ real account. All the data are reflecting the trading record for each user. If your trading record is outstanding with lots of copiers, you can also be displayed on the ranking list.

•Selecting Standard
The selecting standards of different users are different. Including the win rate, average positions, maximum drawdown, trading numbers, trading time, and the gain rate. Choose your own type masters.

Personal Page

Every Formax trading user has a personal home page. On the personal home page, there are profit curves showing the earnings, and the user's investment ability can also be viewed clearly at a glance through this graph.

•The Profit Curve
The profit curve reflects the return rate of each trader. The profit/loss for every trading will be reflected in the curve.

•Protect Privacy
All the information includes the data in the ranking list and the personal data are kept in privacy. We won't disclose the net fund of the user's account. In these pages, we only showed the user's investment ability and investment style. Of course, if you even don't want to disclose any personal data, we'll keep it as private.

How to CopyMaster?

•How to copy from other users?
1) Simply click the “Copy” button on the personal page.

2)After click the "Copy" button, the following page will come out as the graph showed;
3)After edit the copy amount, then click "Copy" button;

•How to copytrade?
1)1) Login the homepage, find unfinished trading ( as shown below), then click “Copy”;

2)After click the "Copy" button, the trading panel showed as below;
3)The user only need to edit the No. of trading lots, then submit;
4)The "Automatic Synchronization" function makes all the relevant trading action and information are the same with the masters; it is a better suggestion for the non-experience users.

Trading Page

In the trading page, you can:

•View the information after copy succeeded.
The information includes: the copy amount, your gain and every trade.

•Stop Copytrade Relationship
Stop the copytrade relationship whenever you found the trading can not make profit for you. You can simply click "Finish" button to end up the copy relationship.

•Increase & Reduce the Copy Amount
Deposit more fund when you find the master can bring more profit to you. You can increase copy amount or withdraw the profit by simply click the “Edit” button on trading page.

•Trading Directly
Forex trading could be made in the trading page, which is suitable for experienced investors. The trading page does not only contain all the basic functions of mt4, but also has many other outstanding advantages:

A.Set stop-profit and stop-loss level automatically; B.Convenient entrust orders; C.Clear show the gain/loss;
D.Flexible Instruments; E.Rich in reference recources; F.Easy operation.

The Master Plan

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