Spot Gold and Silver

We apply the same Forex passion for fair and transparent pricing to all our tradable commodity products. Trade spot gold (XAU/USD) and spot silver (XAG/USD) with Formax and gain access to our cutting-edge platforms, lightning fast execution, excellent liquidity, best-of-market spreads, and of course our 24/5 customer support.

Why Trade Gold or Silver?

Portfolio Diversification:
Trading spot gold or silver as an alternative or compliment to Forex allows you to diversify your investments across different asset classes.

Highly Liquid:
Both the spot gold and spot silver markets are fast paced and highly liquid.

Why Trade Spot Metals with Formax

•  Commission-free trading, you only pay the Bid/Ask spread.
•  Trade spot gold and silver alongside currencies on our MT4 platform.
•  Gain access to our powerful trading tools and advanced charting on the MT4 platform.
•  Competitive spreads and small contract sizes.
•  Fast execution with no re-quotes.
•  Hedging capability. Go long or short spot gold and silver within the same account.

Spot Metal Contract Specifications

Symbol Min Lot Size Margin
(Per Min 1 Lot) USD
Size of 1 Lot (Min) Target
Stop Distance
(Spot Gold)
1 Floating 1 oz 0.5 0.1
(Spot Silver)
50 Floating 50 oz 0.05 0.02
Please Note: Due to low liquidity in the global markets between 21:00 and 23:00 GMT, spreads might widen.

Trading Hours

Spot gold and spot silver open trading hours are from Sunday at 23:00 GMT to Friday 22:00 GMT.

For trading times and more details, please refer to the Product Guide. Please be sure to check our holiday market hour's schedule which is updated prior to any holidays that may interrupt normal trading hours.

Trading Spot Metals on Margin

Margin is the amount of funds which are required to be put aside to back an individual trade i.e. 0.5%. Margin means you must maintain at least an account cash balance of 0.5% of the total value of your position(s) in order to maintain your open position(s).

Gold/Silver Rollover

Spot gold and spot silver Rollover is performed in the same manner as our Forex instruments.

Formax is compensated via a mark-up which is automatically added to the spreads it receives from its liquidity providers.

Formax may also receive compensation for order flow from its liquidity providers.

As a Market Maker, Formax does not charge commission on standard accounts.

Orders for gold and silver are executed at the best price available and based on prices provided to us by our liquidity providers.

If you have any questions or simply require more information about our spot metal trading products, please email our friendly customer service team or give us a call on 0064-9-3799624.