Competitiveness Of Instrument

Community Web Trade

FORMAX trading community is the first community which offers the trading signal of foreign exchange; it includes the ranking list of masters and their excellent trading records and suggestions. In the personal page of each user, it contains all the trading information. No matter demo account or real account, it is free to check the information and trading signals in the community for every user.

Free Demo Accout

In order to make the non-experienced users to know more about trading, Formax provide the demo account practice for free. There is $10000 for every user in the account to make them be familiar with this trading platform. They can directly trade and check the trading suggestions from other investors.

Furthermore, you can scan the record of trading from the ranking list. The users can study and imitate with the masters.

When there are some questions during the investment, you can simply @ somebody to communicate with them or even share your experience and knowledge.

Provide Masters To Users By Free

FORMAX trading community provides free trading advices and the best trading services to our clients. In the ranking list, it showed the win/loss rate and the profit rate for each masters.

This way can help the users to choose their own favorite masters.

We invite qualified masters to join our "Master Plan" to improve the quality of our services.

Stable Platform

FormaxMetaTrader 4 Trading platform is recognized as the one of the most convenient and stable platform in the industry. The excellent data center arrangement of Formax guarantee the customer trading stability and smooth. Formax gateway uses 256 - bit advanced encryption technology to ensure information security.

24-Hour Online Customer Service

Formax customer service principle is "fair" to treat every customer, improve customer satisfaction is the first target of Formax. Customers can contact us through phone, email or online service in 24 hours, our professional customer service team will try our best to meet the customers' needs.